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Hi, my name 


I am new to The Perch. I am hard working, love to try new things and always ready to glide into an adventure. I know it's no fun playing on a see-saw alone, so I love making new friends to play with. I also enjoy making them laugh out loud. Happiness when shared, only grows bigger. I know lying is bad, so I'm not going to say I never get sad. When I do, I tell myself it's okay, hold my beak up high and sing a happy song about all the dreams and goals that I have. I know that when I'm ready, The Perch will help me soar into the skies onwards and upwards!



The Perch will help me soar into the skies onwards and upwards!


aka The Wise Owls

Maria Akhtar


Typically tomboyish yet essentially girly, make what you want of that, that’s me! It’s always about practicality for me. I’ve never been one to fuss around with things. “Keep it simple”, “Keep calm”....these are words that have always worked for me. My love for children combined with a need to focus on being grounded is probably what’s drawn me to the Montessori method!

Asfia Ehsan


Dory me! 

If there is one animated character I could most resonate with, it's got to be Dory! Remember the cute little blue fish from the movie Finding Nemo/Finding Dory? I forget things almost instantaneously (kind of why I'm obsessive about jotting things down on paper). And just like Dory, I love to laugh, enjoy good company (especially of little children) and love to sing 'Just keep swimming...' whenever I'm faced with a problem...believe me you, it really works!

Suha Atheeq


When Asfia shared the idea of The Perch some years ago, I was thrilled to bits and volunteered to be a part of it because being around children is where my happiness lies. Being a mother to two little munchkins has made me curious, lively, playful and child-like. I cannot wait to have the lovely birdlings on board The Perch with whom I can have an amazing adventure!

The three Wise Owls at The Perch came together through their shared love for children. Their passion and enthusiasm for playing a role in the development of little children coupled with their belief in the Montessori concept gave birth to the idea behind The Perch. They are certified Montessorians at the Primary level recognized by the Indian Montessori Centre (IMC). Asfia has worked at Stepping Stone Montessori School in Chennai for two years, under the mentorship of Mrs. Renuka Lamech, and has taught children

both in a physical environment as well as through the online platform.

At The Perch, we strive to bring to our little ones, the benefits of Montessori learning adapted to the times we live in. The need of the hour today, is a space where children can be allowed to grow organically, in a manner that helps them achieve their maximum potential, while still allowing them to work at their individual pace.

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