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Our Philosophy

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Our mission at The Perch is to retain the core principles of Montessori learning, while keeping up with the times by modernizing our approach. We aim to bring to you a physical learning environment that will ensure the holistic development of your child.

The environment at The Perch has been designed in a contemporary style with state-of-the-art facilities and a highly dedicated and qualified team of educators. 

We at The Perch strive to provide our little birdlings a safe, clean and positive space for them to grow in.

The Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori system is a result of extensive research by Dr. Maria Montessori. This research is based on scientific observations and studies conducted over many years.

The design of this system is a highly structured one and yet its basic principle is to let the child be his own creator.


'The child is his own creator.'

'Help the child help himself.'


These two statements simply encapsulate all there is to Montessori learning and educating. It is very important for anyone who would want their child to experience Montessori learning to understand the potential of the child.

Children love to work purposefully. If it is corresponded to an inner developmental need they are active until they reach their goal.

Dr. Montessori saw that when given the freedom to work, children loved to do constructive work, provided it suited their age and stage of development. She observed that, if internally,  the child believed that he had the potential to do something, they automatically, of their own will, chose to do the work and sat with it for longer than was expected to.

The child’s development is governed by some natural laws of growth and development. So, if given the freedom to be active, in the appropriate environment, and material, the child will be able to develop in harmony with the laws of nature.

At The Perch, we embrace this Montessori philosophy of allowing the child to develop himself by providing the optimal environment, material and guidance thereby preparing the young child for a life of independence.

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